Cash Management Services

Sutton Bank provides small businesses with a full range of tools to maintain tighter control over cash flow, and streamline day-to-day cash management needs. Some of our services include:


    Employee Payroll Direct Deposit

    Our employee direct deposit service allows your employees to have their payroll earnings automatically deposited into any accounts at the financial institution(s) of their choice.

    Cash Management Transfers

    Transfer money between accounts that you have with us, and to or from accounts that you have at other financial institutions.

    State and Federal Tax Payments

    Electronic payment of taxes has become the preferred method of payment by many businesses today.

    Child Support Payments

    Many states have mandated that child support payments be paid electronically. Electronic payments are less time consuming and less expensive than preparing and mailing checks to each court ordered jurisdiction.

    Sweep Accounts

    Monitoring multiple accounts can be difficult. Furthermore, idle balances in accounts may represent unproductive funds. With our automatic sweep, excess funds in your deposit accounts are automatically transferred into an investment account, and then returned to your account when funds are needed.


    Have access to your account statement electronically every month, free of charge. Images of your checks are included!

    Online Banking for Businesses

    Includes a full range of cash management services. Preview this product at our Business Online Banking demo.

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