Business Online Banking

Gain greater control of your company's finances with our Business Online Banking and Billpay Cash Management Services.


    Access your Sutton Bank accounts online 24 hours a day, 7 days a week!

    We offer the latest in account safety including multi-factor authentication and encryption. You may initiate transactions from any computer with internet access.

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     Powerful business banking tools at your fingertips!


    • 24x7 cash management: Business Online offers anytime, anywhere access to real-time financial information, all presented in a visually appealing and user-friendly format
    • Streamlined navigation: An interactive, integrated Overview page provides access to the most commonly used functionality. Customers use the Overview page to view real-time account balances, make internal and external transfers, manage transactions, view alerts, launch bill payment, manage ACH and Wires, and much more
    • Control Employee Access You will have the ability to grant and limit employee access to specific types of fund transfers and payments.
    • Value-added integration: Seamless integration with a comprehensive set of e-commerce, mobile banking and imaging systems creates a rich online channel that’s easy to use
    • Pay Bills and Suppliers Bill payment and ACH capabilities make Online for Business the only online service business customers need to pay bills and manage accounts.
    • View and download an online statement, and view check and deposit images.
    • Point-and-Click Image Access You'll have point-and-click access to images of checks, deposit slips and other transaction-related documents.

    New! Sutton Bank Business Mobile which includes the ability to:

    • Check balances & review transactions                                 
    • Transfer funds
    • Send Payments
    • Deposit Checks

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     This simple access combined with mobile approvals offers greater control of your funds and powerful protection to online fraud without sacrificing convenience.


    FAQs Business Mobile

    What is Sutton Bank Business Mobile?

    Sutton Bank Business Mobile is our mobile service that brings business banking to your phone. Sutton Bank Business Mobile allows you to monitor your account from your phone at any time.

    What can I do with Sutton Bank Business Mobile?

    Sutton Bank Business Mobile allows you to:

    • Review transfers and payments
    • Approve transactions
    • Deposit checks on the go
    • and even help protect your company from fraud by reviewing Positive Pay exceptions

    What phones are supported for Sutton Bank Business Mobile?

    Apple iPhone® and all phones using the Android™ operating system are supported. The specific app for each operating system can be found at their respective app store.

    Is Sutton Bank Business Mobile secure?

    Sutton Bank Business Mobile uses state-of-the-art encryption and login security to protect your accounts. In addition, Sutton Bank Business Mobile applies all user permissions assigned in the online version of your business banking to mobile access. 

    How can I make a deposit using Sutton Bank Business Mobile?

    If you have an iPhone® or Android™ smart phone, simply download the application. Then, log in. You'll key in the amount of the deposit, and take a picture of the front and back of the check. That's it! Within seconds of uploading the transaction, you'll receive a confirmation that the deposit was received successfully.

    What types of checks can be processed through Sutton Bank Business Mobile?

    All personal and business U.S. checks can be processed through Sutton Bank Business Mobile. Checks from Canada and other foreign countries, food stamps, savings bonds and poor image quality checks must be deposited traditionally.

    When can electronic deposits be issued to the financial institution?

    You can transmit mobile deposits to the financial institution 24-hours a day, 7-days a week including weekends and holidays, with the exception of the financial institution's routine maintenance downtime.

    When will deposits be posted into my account?

    Deposits received electronically are processed similar to traditional paper deposits during the business day. The financial institution's window for processing electronic deposits may be extended. Contact your financial institution for details.

    What should I do with the original paper checks after deposits are made?

    Original checks should be stored for a minimum amount of time prior to being destroyed, as determined by your financial institution.

    How do I prevent checks from being scanned and deposited twice?

    The software has built-in duplicate detection tools that detect items already captured. If the software detects potential duplicate checks, an alert prompts you to make a decision about the items in question. Also endorse the back of the check with "For Mobile Deposit Only" as a precaution.

    How do I know the image quality is acceptable?

    The software has an Image Quality Assessment (IQA) tool that automatically identifies problems with the check image. If a problem is detected, you'll be asked to retake the photo.

    Need Assistance?

    If you have additional questions, contact us for assistance.

    FAQs Business Billpay

    What is Business Bill Pay for Business?

    Business Bill Pay lets you quickly and conveniently pay anyone online that you pay today by check.

    • Pay any person or company in the United States, from your leasing company to your office suppliers.
    • Schedule repeating payments, such as lease payments.
    • Schedule single payments up to one year in advance. The only payments you cannot make through your bill payment service are court-ordered payments and state and federal tax payments.

    How does Business Bill Pay work?

    There are two basic steps involved in using Business Bill Pay to make online payments:

    1. Set up your payees.
    2. Schedule payments.

    When you first begin using the service, set up your payee list by adding the payees to whom you want to make payments. Some payees can also send electronic bills (e-bills). You only need to add each payee once. When you make a payment, you specify the date that you want the payee to receive the payment. The earliest available payment date is four business days from today. Business Bill Pay determines whether a payment is sent electronically or by check, based on whether the payee accepts electronic payments and other guidelines. If you are a Level 3 User, you can initiate a payment, which must then be approved by a user of higher authority before the payment can be scheduled and issued. After a payment is scheduled, it appears as Scheduled in Payment Activity. After the payment is processed, the status changes to Processed. The payee receives your payment on the payment date you specified and credits your account.

    Note that there can be a delay between when the payee receives the payment and when the payee credits the payment to your account.

    How secure is the information I give to you?

    Business Bill Pay uses several methods to ensure that your information is secure.

    • Business User ID and Password: Your business user ID and password are unique identifiers that only you know. As long as you don't share your business user ID and password with anyone, no one can sign in to Business Bill Pay as you.
    • SSL: Business Bill Pay uses SSL (secure sockets layer), which ensures that your connection and information are secure from outside inspection.
    • Encryption: Business Bill Pay uses 40-bit or 128-bit encryption (whichever your browser supports) to make your information unreadable as it passes over the Internet.
    • Automatic Sign Out: In addition, Business Bill Pay automatically signs you out of a session if you are inactive for a predefined number of minutes (usually 10 minutes). It is best if you sign out immediately after you are finished.

    If I haven't signed up for Business Bill Pay, how do I?

    To sign up for Business Bill Pay, you must enroll online and submit a completed enrollment form.

    How am I billed for bill payment service?

    Please contact us for help with this.

    How do I cancel bill payment service?

    The Level 1 User is the only user who can cancel the service. On the Profile - Service Setup page, click Cancel Your Service at the bottom of the page. Before you cancel your service, keep in mind the following:

    • Scheduled payments, including repeating payments, are not paid.
    • Processing payments are paid.
    • You no longer have access to your payment activity and you can no longer send payment inquiries. You should wait until all of your scheduled payments are processed before you cancel your service. If you let your scheduled payments process, then you won't have any outstanding payments that you can't view or inquire about after you cancel your service.
    • Your payees are notified to stop sending e-bills. However, it can sometimes take a few days for the payee to process the request. Therefore, until you begin receiving paper bills again you should contact the payee directly about your payment amount and payment due date. Because you can't send your payment using Business Bill Pay after you cancel your service, you should make your payment to the payee by some other means, such as a check.
    • If you decide to use Business Bill Pay again, you will have to re-enroll and set up your payee list.

    How do I change business information?

    It's important to keep your business information (which includes business contact information) up to date so that we can contact you if necessary. To make any changes, go to the Profile - Business Information page and click Change.

    How do I change authorized user information?

    Since authorized users can access Business Bill Pay and contact customer service on your behalf, their information should be up to date. You can review authorized user information on the Profile - Authorized User Information page. To make any changes, go to the Profile - Authorized User Information page and click View/Change.

    What if I made a mistake when I entered my payment account information?

    If you made a mistake when typing an account number, routing transit number, or account type, you should add the payment account again using the correct information. Then delete the account with the incorrect information.