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Disclosure agreements:

Internet Banking Terms & Conditions

Privacy Policy

Important forms:

Cardholder Dispute Form

Travel Notice 

Prepaid Cardholder Agreements

Quicken & QuickBooks Conversion Instructions:

The forms below are for Quicken & QuickBooks users, and relate to the Online Banking conversion taking place on July 30. It is important that these instruction be followed exactly as described, and in the order presented. Otherwise, your online banking connectivity may stop functioning properly.

Please download the instructions for the operating system/version you are using!

For Quicken Users:
Web Connect/Direct Connect forms:

Quicken Windows

Quicken Mac2007

Quicken Mac2015-2017

For Quicken Users:
Express Web Connect

Quicken Windows

Quicken Mac2015-2017

For QuickBooks Users:
Web Connect forms:

QuickBooks Windows

QuickBooks Mac

For QuickBooks Users:
Express Web Connect forms:


For Mint Users