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Best Practices to Prevent Cyberfraud, Payroll Fraud, and Credit Card Misuse for Government Entities

With increasing regularity, governments of all sizes are being targeted by cybercriminals who want access to the rich data sets that they maintain. The sophistication with which these hackers infiltrate emails, computers and networks has grown rapidly, and the number of successful attacks is growing as well.

To help local governments reduce the likelihood of becoming victims of cyberfraud, payroll fraud, and credit card misuse, the  Auditor of State website contains some Best Practices newsletters offering sound suggestions on what to do to protect ourselves and our data.

View an archive of Best Practices newsletters.

Protect yourself from ACH & Wire Transfer Fraud.

ACH transactions and wire transfers are the fastest way to move funds to another business, person, or other recipient. Unfortunately, cybercriminals have discovered how to steal your hard-earned money. They use a variety of tools including phishing emails, compromised legitimate websites, fake friend requests on social sites, and malware to obtain your bank logon credentials. Once they have them; they can use them to transfer money out of your bank account and into theirs. They often target small-to-medium-sized businesses because these businesses often do not use dual controls on their accounts nor have they adopted a strong information security posture.

Learn how to help protect yourself here.

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