Prepaid Card Customer Support

About Us

Sutton Bank is a customer centric organization invested in Prepaid as a core banking product, with strong partnerships in the prepaid space. One of the earliest banks in Prepaid, Sutton offers flexible, branded and customizable card programs with unique functionality, and responsiveness. Sutton Bank works with program managers who market the cards and service them for you.

Prepaid Card Customer Support

If the card you are inquiring about does NOT have a Sutton Bank logo on the FRONT of the card, you are holding a Prepaid Card. To report your prepaid card lost or stolen, obtain account related information, or make general inquiries regarding your prepaid card, please call the phone number and/or visit the website address printed on the back of your card or appearing in your Cardholder Agreement. Sutton Bank is the issuer of many different prepaid cards, and while we do our best to help you, the program manager of the prepaid card you have is best equipped to help you with any card issues or concerns regarding your account, as they have access to real-time account information. If you do not have your Cardholder Agreement or your card, please contact us so that we can direct you to the correct program manager.

Call the program manager for assistance with:

  • Card activation, balance and transaction inquiries
  • Concerns regarding card errors (such as a misspelled name)
  • Contact information updates
  • Merchant holds
  • Direct deposit assistance and funding options
  • Obtaining a PIN
  • Filing dispute claims
  • Merchant verification of cardholder name or address
  • Ordering a new or replacement card
  • Questions about fees associated with card
  • Requesting statement copies
  • Transferring funds between cards or accounts
  • Website assistance
  • Troubleshooting card access issues
  • Request routing/transit number

For Sutton Bank customer support, call 800-422-3641 or Contact Us.