Equipment Leasing

Planning to expand but need to conserve your working capital? Leasing could be the answer for you. As you know, technology is constantly evolving in your industry. Fully investing in new equipment can be risky — you never know when it'll become obsolete.

Sometimes an equipment lease can also result in a tax advantage, which could ultimately cost you less than a purchase. Our leases can be tailored to small businesses and agricultural customers, to match their differing needs and cash flow patterns. Sutton Bank provides leasing products in great condition, for financially shrewd owners of growing North Central Ohio businesses.

    Why Leasing Might be For You
    • Competitively low rates for the leasing of business equipment
    • Lease big-ticket equipment like:
      • Police cars
      • Dump trucks
      • Ambulances
      • Farming machinery & equipment
    • Leasing is especially useful for:
      • Businesses with large tax liabilities
      • Companies that want to eventually purchase equipment
    • Repayment terms customized to fit your unique needs
    • Local decision-making and processing
    • Attentive, friendly service from start to finish