Mobile Banking

They say you're either a Beatles or an Elvis fan. The same goes for iPhones® and Androids®. Our mobile banking apps are designed specifically for the individual personality and functionality of the iPhone and Android.

These apps grant you secure access to your account information wherever and whenever you need it, using your online banking login and password.

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    Mobile Banking

    Our mobile banking apps allow you to

    • View balance information
    • Review detailed account activity
    • Transfer funds between your Sutton Bank accounts
    • Pay bills
    • Deposit checks by snapping a picture on your phone!*
    • Find a Sutton Bank ATM or branch

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    Your cell phone or mobile device must be equipped to access an Internet browser.
    Additional charges may apply for Internet usage depending on your wireless carrier.
    Please consult your wireless provider/carrier for details on correlated rates and charges.
    All terms and conditions applicable to online banking may apply to mobile banking.
    *A fee of $.50 per deposit will be assessed following processing by bank. More information about Mobile Check Deposit can be found on the Mobile Check Deposit tab.
    Mobile Text Banking

    Most of us have swapped talk for text. Why not bank that way too? Mobile Text Message Banking utilizes SMS texting to exchange information about your accounts with your mobile phone using the messaging part of the phone.

    How to Use it

    • Send a text message to 454545 using a command from the Keywords tab.
    • Receive a text back to your enrolled phone immediately.
    • Get your balance, your last transactions or all your account balances
    • Transfer funds with the new TRANS command from a transfer source account set in Internet Banking to the Primary Account used for Text Message Banking
    • Receive a low balance alert if your balance drops below a threshold set in Internet Banking
    • Sign up for an automatic text each Friday afternoon for your primary account balance

    How does Digital Insight protect customer data on mobile applications?

    All data exchanged between Mobile Web Banking and Mobile Banking Apps with Digital Insight servers is protected in transit using SSL. All offerings provide strong password requirements and aggressive idle timeouts. In Mobile Web Banking, no customer information is stored or cached in the device. Mobile Banking Apps use the device's secure storage to host sensitive data.

    What controls are used to prevent unauthorized access to our customers' accounts in Mobile Web Banking and Mobile Banking Apps?

    Mobile Web Banking and Mobile Banking Apps use out-of-band multifactor authentication to authenticate users at login.

    How does Digital Insight keep Online Banking information (including login credentials) secure?

    Mobile Web Banking does not store any information in the user's device or the Web browser cache. Mobile Banking Apps use the device's secure storage to host sensitive data. All data is securely transmitted to Digital Insight servers using SSL.

    Does Digital Insight use browser cookies and device identification on the mobile channel? If so, how?

    Yes. Mobile Web Banking uses cookies to fingerprint mobile devices. This feature reduces the threat of having a banking session hijacked and manipulated by attackers.

    Does Digital Insight use challenge questions on the mobile channel?

    No. Answers to challenge questions can be discovered or guessed easily. Instead, one-time passcodes (OTPs) sent out of band using SMS or phone calls will be used starting with Mobile Web Banking version 2.3, Mobile Banking Apps version 3.1 for iPhone and Android, and Tablet Banking Apps version 3.1 for iPad.

    Can users access the same functionality on mobile devices as they do on laptop or desktop computers?

    No. To reduce risk, our mobile solutions do not allow risky activities like changing profile information.

    If a customer uses a tablet browser to access Online Banking, will he or she get the same functionality as on a laptop or desktop computer?

    No. Tablets have many of the same weaknesses that are observed in other mobile devices like smartphones. For this reason, all security restrictions that apply to phones also apply to tablets.

    If a customer's mobile device is lost or stolen, can anyone access his or her banking information or take over the account and identity?

    No. If a customer's mobile device is lost or stolen after authentication, the account cannot be accessed without the username and password.

    Does Digital Insight offer security controls that prevent users from downloading rogue or malicious apps?

    Yes. Digital Insight works with external intelligence to ensure that rogue or malicious apps are not uploaded to Google Play and the iTunes App Store.

    Enhance mobile banking security by:

    • Use a PIN or password to keep the mobile device locked when it is not in use
    • Make sure the mobile device does not automatically log into the bank account
    • Do not store information such as PIN numbers, passwords, account numbers, etc. on the mobile device
    • Notify the bank immediately of loss or theft of mobile device
    • Beware of phishing scams and deceptive websites that mimic the bank's website.
    • Never disclose confidential information or account details.


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